Memories from Jamaica.

"Welcome home."
We were greeted with these words with almost every encounter and it felt great to be welcomed with such open arms. We we're family in their eyes, their Queens.

You know, I imagined everything Jamaica would be before I arrived, but looking back, my imagination doesn’t even compare. It was that and so much more. The atmosphere was incredible. I've never felt more relaxed and at peace in my life. 

From climbing Dunn's River Falls to swimming with the dolphins, I had a pretty active birthday vacation. Well, besides being a beach bum, drinking poolside, and lets not forget about the full body massages (Yes, BE JEALOUS). And I can't forget about the FOOD. There was Jamaican, Creole, Indian, and the list goes on. I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds, but it was well worth it. I just wish I could've captured every moment, but I was too busy soaking up the experience. Jamaica was love.

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Nyjerah Nicole 


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