Bites of Style.

Last weekend I dolled myself up for another showcase during the madness of New York Fashion Week. I attended Bites of Style, a presentation where fashion and food met for a night of tasteful urban couture - brought to you by Brittney Williams and Tiffiny Mona'e at Taj Lounge in New York City. Many stylish folk filled the room, enjoying bite-size goodies while models owned the stage in high fashion threads. I shared space with such creative individuals - designers, stylists, photographers, editors, models, and bloggers. Pretty much everyone that breathes fashion. I must give credit where it's due, Williams and Mona'e put on one hell of a show! I'll let the pictures speak.

I love a statement paired w| basic. 

Favorite model of the night. This girl is FIERCE!
Absolutely adored this look - all about the details of this dress!
The hosts, Tiffiny Mona'e and Brittney Williams.

Great turnout. I look forward to more from the both of them!

Nyjerah Nicole

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