Small Boutique Fashion Week

The most fashionable people are currently walking the streets, photographers are snapping photos of every stylish being, and designers are presenting their works of art down a runway. So in other words, New York Fashion Week continues and yet another amazing event to blog about...

In the midst of it all,  I attended the Small Boutique Fashion Week event at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Saturday, which included collections from the top independent designers. I must say that it was a well put together event. Great venue filled with some of the most motivating people.

I watched designs from Bella Craze, Kimora Black, Chyvonne, and a few others strut down the runway. Not a thread hanging in sight. Every piece was touched to perfection. I could tell that the designers put their all in their collections. Gasps echoed the room, standing ovations occurred, and appreciation resulted to tears of joy. It was a successful event indeed. I'm glad I was given the opportunity to witness it all. 

Bella Craze 

Kimora Black 


Designer, ChyVonne and I. Fell in love with her entire collection. 

Street Stylin'
Captured some stylish ladies at the event - three different ways to match up a hat/beanie

Nyjerah Nicole

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