Walk That Walk.

Yeah, I’ve been missing in action. This I know. Between Fashion Week and February Accessories Market, it’s been a bit hectic for me. Drained, yet energetic at the same time. I'm making my way through it though. It wouldn't be fashion week without a little chaos. 

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the NYFW Indie Designer Showcase by CURVY Magazine and WALK Fashion Show, co hosted by Marie Driven. The event showcased the talents of up-and-coming designers and models of Detroit and New York City. It was inspirational to say the least. Every designer, model, photographer, blogger, and so forth inspired me to aspire my dreams because that’s just what they were doing.

The styles sent down the runway defined the personality of each designer. All of the collections were truly one of a kind, but out of all I really enjoyed the designs by Mattie Idell, Melita Rakovic, and Dom Sutle. They really captured the beauty of every woman. See below for my favorite looks.

Mattie Idell

Melita Rakovic

Dom Sutle 

Stylin' Beauts:
(From left to right): Blogger Jessica Illescas, Stylist Dara Adams, and Producer Crystal Bailey-Dobson

Kudos to everyone who helped out with the event!

Nyjerah Nicole

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