Throw Shade.

Behind every pair of sunglasses is a person throwing shade. Now before you start to make assumptions, I don't mean this in any form of disrespect. My point is this: people tell a lot about themselves by their choice of eyewear. The shade is YOU and how you want others to perceive you based on your style. Considering I have a collection that includes just about all of the below, I guess you can say I'm eclectic. It all depends on what I'm wearing for the day, but enough about me. What do your sunglasses say about you?

The Cool Kid: You're the confident one - never to be confused with being cocky. When it comes to style, you keep it pretty casual. It's never about WHAT you're wearing, but all about HOW you're wearing it. 

Cat Eye
The Diva: You're the girl that walks in 6 inch heels with a bossy attitude. It's your way or no way. Yeah that's you, the Devil in Prada. The world is your runway and just like always, YOU OWN IT. 

Nasty Gal 
The Hipster: You're a carefree individual. No need for expensive labels because material things aren't your hype.  Keeping up with the latest trends is far from your worries. You march to the beat of your own drum. 

The Minimalist: You're stylish in the tee and jeans you threw on to run some errands. Simplicity is your go-to way of styling. You've mastered the art of killin' it without even trying. It takes little effort to look good.

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