Style Spotlight: Keenya Logan

Meet Keenya Logan, an up-and-coming stylist and designer based out of East Orange,
New Jersey. I reached out to my close friend and fellow Rutgers Graduate to talk more about her creative life after college. From styling to designing, she's a natural when it comes to fashion. There's so much I could say about this artistic individual, but I'll let her do the talking herself. Check out my interview with Keenya below:

N: Tell me about yourself.
K: My name is Keenya Logan and I am 26 years old and a graduate of Rutgers University. I am still figuring me out and who I am, but I know that I am a creator! I'm a dancer, I'm a stylist, I'm a designer, I'm a radio personality, I'm a teacher, I'm a creative director. I love to just be hands on and try new things. It's weird saying all that I do and that i've done because I really don't tell people what I do. Most of my friends or people that know me have no idea that I worked as an on-air personality at Seton Hall's Radio station for over 7 years every Saturday morning and I trained High School students in broadcasting. I am learning to let people know what I do and what I've done!

N: How would you define the aesthetic of your brand?
K: Honestly, I'm not sure that I can really define my aesthetic. I just love to create and I love to mix things up. If it needed to be defined I would say my brand is reinventing and being eclectic. I love bringing things to life. Whether it's jewelry, a pair of pants or some furniture, I want to give things life!

N: When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?
K: I really like to think of myself as a stylist that can design. I love to construct outfits whether they're made by me or someone else. I helped my mom with her fashion shows and fell in love with fashion. Watching people cheer for what my mother created gave me a rush. Making people feel good about themselves through what their wearing is such an amazing feeling. I didn't until recently accept the idea of being a designer, but it's always been in me. I think the title scared me a bit and I ran as far as I could from it, but it came right back to me because I've always loved it!

N: Where do you get your inspiration?
K: I honestly get my inspiration from everything around me. Since I was a kid my mom always said you must ALWAYS look presentable. I grew up watching my mom, who I think is one of the flyest people I know. I mean jewelry, heels, makeup, she was always on point and I admired that about her. So that stuck with me. I am inspired by everything that I've been through. I am inspired by competition and by the struggle, people like my mother who can just sit for hours and create with no pattern or sketch. I allow everything to be my inspiration because I ask myself this 1 question: what can I pull from that person, place, or thing that just caught my focus? 

N: What do you like best about designing clothes?
K: I love putting my twist on things that exist and creating things that make people feel good. Something that can give expression to the most emotionless person. I love wearing what I create and I like the idea of, "I made this!" Whether it's a dance routine or a scarf, I have fun with it because it's MINE! Designing allows me to be in total control of what I produce and i'm all about having full creative control. 

N: What was the first article of clothing you've ever designed?
K: I actually created outfits for a dance performance that I did with my best friend some years ago (lol)but I challenged myself to make a bow tie then an infinity scarf and they both came out pretty good.

N: If you could give any advice, what would it be to up-and-coming designers like yourself?
K: BE YOU! Leave your mark! I live by that! Stay on top of what's trending but also think about what's up next. Be 10 steps ahead of your competition by challenging yourself to step way outside of the box and your comfort zone. I'm still in the process of fully believing in me and what I'm capable of, so every now and then I need that push and those words of encouragement. I'm fortunate enough to have some amazing friends and family that never let me doubt my creativity. Surround yourself with people that will push you. Most importantly, but most challenging, is to simply believe in you!

N: Where can readers find out more about you and your work?
K: Well, right now I'm building my brand, so I just post my work and upcoming projects on my Instagram but I have so much in store for the future and I will definitely show the world what I'm made of and what I have going on SOON! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @mykeeneye. To personally reach out to me, email me @ keenya.logan@gmail.com.

See more photos of her styling work (striped shirt & white skirt designed by Keenya): 

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