The Top 4 Poses Bloggers Love

I think it's safe to say that stepping in front of the camera isn't easy. Capturing the moment requires assistance from your local photographer, and the typical selfie just won't do. This is where the signature stances us bloggers love come into play. With these, you're pretty much guaranteed a perfect photo. I've always lived by the old school saying: stick with what you know. So today, I'm dipping into the blogosphere and delivering you the top blogger poses to up your game. Scroll down, take notes, and become a pro.

 "There's something more important to my right (or left) than taking this photo." 

"I'm on the go, but I'll stop mid-walk for a brief paparazzi moment."

"Oh nothing, just admiring my shoes"

 "Pretend to say something funny and I'll go with the flow"

What's your favorite picture perfect go-to?

Nyjerah Nicole


pariisdreams said...

the look away pose and the stance of the look down pose are def my go-to's. whoever is photographing me will say "give me another pose" lol

Anonymous said...

Love this!

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