5 Under $50 Must-Haves From Forever 21

Forever 21 has stepped up their game -- for sure! From the Modern Femme to the Free Spirit, there's a selection for every girl, but the Minimalist Collection seems to be the talk of the town nowadays. It's for the simplicity lovers and merchandised to a T for an easy-to-shop experience. Find just what you need without having to sift through your not-so-favorites. 

Now let's talk about what it will cost you. With an aesthetic similar to Zara, the price tag is unbelievable. It's friendlier to your wallet, which is the way to go when there's a budget involved. So with that said, I'm bringing you my top under $50 styles for the sartorially-savvy. 

Dear Modern Muse, this is for you. 

Strappy-Back Striped Jumpsuit | $24.90

 M-Slit Slip Dress | $19.80

Nyjerah Nicole

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