How to Create a Killer Instagram Aesthetic

Words by Demi Wells:
Who isn't insanely obsessed with Instagram? No, just me? Ok, well even if you aren't, I'm sure we all would still love to create a bomb Instagram theme over night! A few years ago, I remember obsessively scrolling through countless Instagram accounts trying to figure out how their feeds were so perfect! After switching my aesthetic maybe 1,000 times, I finally found the one for me and I've been able to create an Instagram mood that has ultimately attracted lots more followers - which is the ultimate goal here, right? Here are some tips to get you on your way:

Find Your Inspiration
I spend way too much time on Pinterest and Tumblr, and eventually it came in handy when looking for my aesthetic. I used to think I wanted to be the colorful girl who LOVED pink like all the girly girls of the world, but I found myself being drawn to more of the minimal neutral photos, mainly consisting of colors like, white, black and pastel or muted colors. If you love color, show that in your feed! A good example of a beautiful colorful feed is @GaryPepperGirl. One of my biggest inspirations for my Instagram feed has to be blogger, @TamiraJarrel!

Determining A Focus Point 
Since I primarily use my Instagram account to showcase my outfits from my blog, that is primarily my focus point. You can focus on anything you want as long as it works well with each other! Don't be afraid to mix it up! A lot of people will tell you to focus on just one thing, but that gets unbelievably boring.

Post Order
I never post two of the same types of photos in a row! I try to create a photo order. For example, I never post two flatlay photos back to back! I would probably break them up with an outfit photo or a detail shot. When deciding what to post, think off your feed as a whole grid and make sure the next post compliments the last. You can also preview how your photos will look together before you post them. Some people create private test accounts or use VSCOcam. There is also a paid iPhone app called Planoly that helps your plan and schedule your Instagram content. I'm always here for the free.99 option, so I just use my VSCOcam app to plan out my Instagram feed. 

Consistency in Your Editing is a MAJOR KEY 
Editing is a huge part of creating your Instagram feed. Once you create your editing style, you will start to apply this to all of your Instagram photos. Having similar edits across all of your photos is ultimately what creates your mood. I tend to accentuate the shadows and highlights in all of my photos, by darkening my black and brightening my whites.

Be REAL and Authentic 
Don't try too hard to create and post things that aren't you. Be creative and post things your love or it can get boring, repetitive, and stall very quickly!  Remember, your aesthetic is YOU. Don't try to convey something that you're not!

These things take time, and multiple tries to get it right so don’t get frustrated!


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