Meet Brea. This girl has an incredible sense of style and is always a showstopper 100% of the time. Paying no mind to the seasonal trends, Brea easily moves to the beat of her own drum. Her quirky, free-spirited, out-of-the-box presence is eye-catching and cannot be duplicated. It’s different, it’s hers, and she owns every bit of it. Brea chatted with Trenched In Style to give a little insight on her style and her reasoning on what makes her a style setter.  

"I am Dorothy (because there is no place like home; Georgia)." 

"I am Cinderella (because before I started living on my own, I lived with my Aunt and her three daughters. I felt like a stepchild). My glass slipper is fashion."

 "I am a Powerrpuff Girl because I love primary colors! (I add pink and orange sometimes). I have the power to stay true to myself."

"I am Dora The Explorer (because I face obstacles that I am forced to overcome the same way that Dora did as she traveled with Boots. I meet people who try to steal my happiness but “swiper no swiping,” applies.  At the end of it all I can say, “I did it, I did it, I did it, yay!” 

Thanks for sharing your style story, Brea! You’re inspirational, and your style speaks for itself.

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