Not every stylish girl is all for killer 6in heels to complete that perfect fit. Let’s face it: they’re not the most comfy shoes to wear, and if you haven’t mastered the art of walking in them, well you know the rest. Instead of taking the pain for the love of beauty, we have some other options that work just as well for a night out with your pals. So for the girls who aren’t so stiletto-friendly, this is for you.

BLOCK HEELS: These are just as good as stilettos, just with a wider frame and a fall-proof guarantee.

FANCY FLATS: A luxurious material or embellished buckle takes the attention off a heel-less outfit.

OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS: The longer the length of the shoe, the easier it is for you pull off a shorter heel.
FLATFORMS: When you still want the height, but at a comfortable balance, these will do the trick.

Which style is your go-to for a stiletto-free night? Leave us a comment below!

Photos via Pinterest. 

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Kiara Johnson said...

You've finally solved all of my problems when it comes to "6 in heels" (in my Beyoncé voice). Block heels have become my best friend (after you of course!).

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