Okay ladies, here’s the tea. We all tend to get a little carried away when it comes to off-the-shoulder and crop tops. Sure, pairing them with short shorts or mini skirts might seem like the right direction to go, but it's not the best option. I’m all for a little sex appeal, but too much is just too much.

Major Note: Proportion Matters. Every article of clothing is an integral part and must complement one another to completion. In this case, length is key and should be evaluated thoroughly. Know when to show more or less skin to balance your fit. So the next time you decide to wear your favorite summer tops, keep these notes in mind:

Crop tops: choose high-waist options.  

Off-the-shoulder tops: elongate your bottoms.

Off-the-shoulder + crop top combo: go high and low.

Now I’m not saying this is set in stone. Rules are meant to be broken and there's always an exception in fashion. I mean hey, I’ve gone against them a few times (sorry, not sorry!). But, I will say these styling tricks work pretty well.

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