Seasons Change, Staples Don't?

Summer is just about over, and we know exactly what you’re thinking: do I really need to let go of my summer essentials? One of the hardest parts about transitioning into fall is saying goodbye to your warm-weather staples. Lucky for you, we solved the problem for your summer blues. Some of your favorite pieces can be reworked and worn into the next season. All it takes is some creativity and a little layering. So stick with us and you'll learn a few things. 

Layer it over a button-up shirt or keep it simple with a basic tee. 

 Pair it with a fitted turtleneck. We promise this will modernize your look. 

Mini Skirt | Sundress
Your favorite crew neck and tights are the perfect combination.

Let a great pair of socks be the statement peeking through your go-to summer shoes.


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Jadejai said...

Love this.! Great way to make use of your entire closet.!

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